Jaw surgery: Three Weeks On..

Pain: 0/10 Discomfort: 2/10 Hunger: 0/10 Weight 10st 7lbs (10lbs total weight loss)

It still feels surreal that I actually underwent jaw surgery. I keep thinking that it hasn’t actually happened yet, that my surgeon is going to turn around and say I haven’t had the procedure done. I have to keep running to the mirror each morning to make sure I didn’t just dream of this new overbite that has graced me with its presence. 

The last week has flown by and I’m really starting to feel like me again. My body is still not fully up and running again after the operation but it’s getting there. The first two weeks were hell and there’s no denying it. It was a painful, emotional and hungry time in my life but I’m beginning to feel like I’m out the other side. I can officially say, getting jaw surgery is the best thing I’ve ever done

I did a vlog this week as I felt it would be the most informative way for me to show you how well I’ve recovered and that it’s not as bad as even I expected it to be. Both myself and my surgeon are absolutely over the moon with my barely-there swelling and my speedy recovery.

I hope you find the video helpful!

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Ash xxx