Jaw surgery: Three Weeks On..

Pain: 0/10 Discomfort: 2/10 Hunger: 0/10 Weight 10st 7lbs (10lbs total weight loss)

It still feels surreal that I actually underwent jaw surgery. I keep thinking that it hasn’t actually happened yet, that my surgeon is going to turn around and say I haven’t had the procedure done. I have to keep running to the mirror each morning to make sure I didn’t just dream of this new overbite that has graced me with its presence. 

The last week has flown by and I’m really starting to feel like me again. My body is still not fully up and running again after the operation but it’s getting there. The first two weeks were hell and there’s no denying it. It was a painful, emotional and hungry time in my life but I’m beginning to feel like I’m out the other side. I can officially say, getting jaw surgery is the best thing I’ve ever done

I did a vlog this week as I felt it would be the most informative way for me to show you how well I’ve recovered and that it’s not as bad as even I expected it to be. Both myself and my surgeon are absolutely over the moon with my barely-there swelling and my speedy recovery.

I hope you find the video helpful!

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Jaw Surgery:  One Week On…

Pain: 3/10 Discomfort: 7/10 Hunger: 4/10 Weight: 10st 9lbs

I cannot believe my surgery was a week ago! It really has flown by despite the numerous difficulties I’ve faced in such a short time. This post will be a long one. I feel like there’s so much information I want to share. There is so many things that are affected because of this surgery so I’m going to break them down for you all as best I can. 

When it comes to swelling, I seem to be extremely lucky and definitely feel that the Arnica played a major role in keeping it to a minimum. When I look in the mirror, I can’t help but laugh. So don’t feel bad if you do the same at the pictures. I look like I’m constantly doing the chubby bunny challenge!

A place that I hadn’t even thought about swelling was the roof of my mouth, so that was a shock to wake up to. My poor tongue is also trapped between the swelling and elastics. You really don’t realise how often you use your tongue until it’s caged behind your teeth. 

Brushing my teeth has also been a no-go because of the stitches. Mouth wash is my new best friend and while I expected to have a green fog emerging from my mouth by now, it’s actually not as gross as I thought. I’d still kill to give my choppers a good scrub but the mouthwash is bearable for now.

I can already see and feel the improvements in my bite. I’ve noticed a small gap between my upper and lower front teeth as a result of my new overbite and I love it. My nose has also changed shape. It’s shorter and the bump in the bridge that I’ve always had and always hated has been significantly reduced.

The feeling in my face is slowly but surely returning. I’m honestly delighted that this part is happening gradually because I’m becoming increasingly aware of the stitches behind my lip and they’re freaking me out! My nose has also been numb since my surgery. It’s like I’m breathing with a nose that’s not my own. That’s been weird.

Eating has been difficult. I’m not going to lie; I’m already getting sick of the liquids. I woke up after a nap the other day to realise I’d been dreaming about sausage rolls! I’ve been thinking it’ll be easiest for me to do one long post on all things foodie at the end. There’s just so many things to say and I now understand why some bloggers avoid it altogether . Basically it’s been smoothies, soups and Ready Brek. Sometimes, I get adventurous and have Petit Filous watered down or chocolate milk. One day, my mam buzzed up a white Magnum with some Nutella. Heaven! I never quite got the hang of using a straw, so it’s been plastic cups and syringes all the way!

The pain killers have been hit and miss. If you read my previous post (Jaw Surgery: Trust Your Body) then you’ll know I struggled with some nausea after taking a painkiller with Codeine in it. Thankfully I’ve switched and I’m now on soluble Paracetamol four times a day and Neurofen, anti- nausea meds and an anti-biotic three times a day. The Paracetamol on it’s own works so much better for me as it doesn’t make nauseous or nearly as sleepy as the Codeine did.

As for the pain itself, I honestly feel very little. Sometimes the stitches sting a little or I get a twinge up where my jaw meets my ears but when that happens I think of the fact I have broken bones in my face and am grateful it’s not any worse. The spasms have started and they aren’t fun. They are painful but only last a second or two, thankfully.

There’s been a few discoveries I’ve made. When I thought about how restricted I’d be after the surgery, I thought about the more obvious things; eating, drinking, talking. Then I moved on to the slightly less obvious; sleeping, brushing my teeth, putting on t-shirts. However, there are a few things that never even crossed my mind. Yawning, burping and coughing are all extremely difficult to do when you combine both stitches in your mouth and your teeth wired shut. The worst? sneezing. Thank the heavens above that I haven’t experienced this too often but when I do, it ends in a strangled sounding yelp of pain. Tor-ture!!!

I’ve lost eight pounds in a week. Last year it took me almost three months to lose half a stone and now, it’s quite literally falling off me. I do expect the first week to be the most drastic while my body gets itself used to a diet with significantly less amounts of carbs and fat. I’ve lost most of the weight so far from my hips, bum and thighs and I have a feeling my clothes aren’t going to fit at the end of all this. So if there’s anyone out there that would like to pay for a new wardrobe for my new bod, call me!

I find the worst part of the recovery, so far, is how emotionally trying it’s been. I don’t enjoy feeling like I can’t look after myself. I hate that even getting a shower tires me out. However, the scary moments, like on the first night, when I felt like I couldn’t breathe or when I felt like I needed to be sick, are easily overshadowed by the joy I feel each time I look in the mirror and no longer see an underbite glaring back at me. That feeling is priceless and is how I know that I can get through this.

 The pictures below start with a my pre-surgery profile and a picture everyday since, right up to and including today. 

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Jaw Surgery: Trust Your Body

I wanted to share the following incident with all my readers simply to inform about all aspects of the surgery. It was an incredibly frightening experience but thankfully, short lived. I’m not telling this story to scare anyone but simply to show that this can happen and I was assured by doctors that feeling this way is completely normal.

There’s been elements of the recovery that have been difficult but that I expected so I’ve been emotionally prepared. However, there have also been aspects that I had not anticipated. These have been, in all honesty, scary. 

During my stay in the hospital, my stomach felt queasy a number of times. When I was being discharged, we asked about getting some anti-nausea medication but were shrugged off and told it wouldn’t be an issue.  

As you can imagine, I’m on very strong pain killers. I was originally prescribed Solpadol (Paracetamol and Codeine), Nurofen and an antibiotic. On my second night home, I began to feel very sick in the stomach while trying to take my medicine. I began to wretch. Having your teeth clamped together makes getting sick a challenge, to say the least. I started to panic. If I vomited, I wouldn’t be able to breath and would most likely choke. My parents calmed me down and thankfully the nausea passed but I was then left afraid to consume any medicine or food. 

We called the clinic the next morning and they faxed a prescription for anti-nausea meds to my local pharmacy and I’ve since switched to just soluable paracetamol without the Codeine. 

I was assured that the chances of me actually vomiting were close to none as there is so little in my stomach as it is. The nauseous feeling was most likely a combination of very strong medication and very little food. 

I’m not telling you this story to frighten you or turn you off the surgery. Not only is this something that people don’t consider when they think about jaw surgery but I was aware nausea had been an issue for me but the doctors said I’d be fine and I trusted them. They were wrong. The moral of the story is really that I should have trusted my own instinct regarding my body. I should have pushed for that medication before I even left the clinic. So if you’re getting this surgery, or any surgery for that matter, Trust your body! You know your body best and don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t feel sick!!

I’ve been keeping track of how I’m feeling, taking pictures everyday and I’m currently putting together a “1 week post-op” post. So keep an eye out for that and some other non-surgery related posts I have in the pipeline on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!!


 Ash xx

An Introduction

I really wanted to write a short and sweet introductory post to say a massive HELLO to everyone and to also give you all an idea as to what this blog will be all about.

Blogging is something that I’ve been considering for a while so I’m absolutely delighted to get started!

A Dash of Ash is exactly what it says on the tin (or web bar..). It’s my little corner of the world wide web. I can’t define it as a fashion blog or a beauty blog because I’ve got lots of likes and dislikes, just like the next person. They are all a part of me and my life; therefore, they should be a part of my blog.

As for me, I’m an 18 year old girl living in Meath, Ireland. I just finished up my Leaving Cert and plan on going to DCU next year (touch wood!). In general, my interests are makeup and fashion so I imagine these will be the front runners for most blog posts. However, I’m not limiting myself to these either.

On the 6th July 2015, I will be getting orthognathic surgery on my upper jaw to correct my under bite. It was only once I became aware of the procedure and started doing some research that I found out how common it actually is.

After countless hours of research, the best information I received came from other people blogging about their jaw surgery experience. So I’ve decided to join them and share my jaw journey with all you lovely people. I’m planning on focusing on these posts to start with and then branching out further down the road.

Anyway, I’ll be posting a ‘Pre-Surgery’ blog or vlog ( I haven’t decided yet) in the next few days. I’ll be sharing all new blog posts via Twitter and Instagram. Follow me so you can keep up to date.

Thanks for reading!

Ashleigh xx