Jaw surgery: That’s all folks! 

Hi everyone, it’s been a while but I’m back with my final jaw surgery post!!

Nine months have passed since I sat in that hospital bed feeling sick with anticipation for a surgery that I knew would change everything. Looking back now though, it’s changed even more than I could have imagined.

A lot of people thought I was absolutely insane to put myself through such a painful surgery but at the end of the day, it was me that had to go through it ( shout out to my parents that were my rock solid support system and helped me through every jaw spasm, hunger pang and blended meal).

I am so much happier in my own skin for having undergone this surgery. It sounds silly that I let my hatred of my own smile get me down, but it did. Now I love that I can say (with a big stupid grin on my face) that the hatred  I felt, is referred to in the past tense!


My confidence has soared since I got my new smile. When I look back at the old photographs, I don’t even recognise the self-conscious girl that’s in them. I feel like a new person!

The surgery has become my little reminder to myself that I can be pretty brave when it counts. Whenever I’m scared to do anything, I always say to myself “You’ve had your face broken! Pull it together!“.


If you’re thinking about getting this surgery done, I have one piece of advice. Do your research.It can be bloody and gory. The recovery process has its tough moments and you need to know what’s ahead.

But if you do all that and it’s still on your mind,  just do it. It hurts and the hunger is like nothing else, but the way I feel now completely reinforces the fact that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. As dramatic as it sounds, it changed my life.


Love, Ash


Feel free to comment below with any queries or constructive feedback you may have!

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