My Festival Fashion Favourites of 2015 

Every year I’m fascinated by the festival fashions in ‘Celeb Land’. I’m crossing my fingers and my toes that one day I’ll be at the likes of Coachella and Glastonbury to see it all for myself. For now however, I’m relying on the Internet to do what it does best and keep me informed!  So here are my favourite festival looks of 2015!

While I usually find myself to be more of a Kylie fan, Kendall Jenner definitely pulled rank over her sister this year.  From off the shoulder crop tops to shorts just above the knee, the 19 year old showed everyone exactly how to pull off all things festival. Oh and my favourite part? She even wore the same shoes twice!  

It seems Kylie agrees with my assessment of her sister’s sense of style. She recently posted a picture in the very same pair of shorts and pulling them off just as well. Nice to know that even the Jenner’s aren’t above a root through their sisters wardrobes. 


Rosie Huntington Whitely is the epitome of class even when it comes to her festival attire. She looked casual yet stunning at Coach Backstage donning a mini skirt and t-shirt.

Alexa Chung proving to the world, that when you’re Alexa Chung you can make Hunter wellies go with just about anything; even if it is a metallic dress and denim jacket.

I couldn’t write a festival fashion post without including the one and the only Vanessa Hudgens. Despite the fact The Festival Queen and her flower crown didn’t make an appearance at this years Coachella, her previous years outfits made me want to befriend her and hate her all at the same time. I mean, how does someone get it so right every time?! I’m dying to know too.

  Love, Ash xxx


Feel free to comment below with any queries or constructive feedback you may have!

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