Eating Your Way Through Jaw Surgery, One Slurp At A Time.

The eating element of the recovery was, for me, the most difficult. I quickly grew bored of the liquid diet and craved everything I couldn’t have.

As a picky eater however, it’s probably the healthiest I’ve been in my life. While I usually stay as far from fruit or veg as possible, I was forced to drink countless smoothies and soups. My skin and body definitely welcomed the change, but I longed for something I could sink my teeth into.

My post-jaw surgery diet was fairly simple. I made big pots of soups to last me a few days and had a constant supply of fresh fruit and yogurt. Everything I ate had to be consumable via plastic cup or 60ml syringe.

  • Breakfast:Smoothies, Petite Filous, Ready Brek, Weetabix
  • Lunch/Dinner: Home-made soups, smoothies. **Note: Beware of blended meats in soups! Just trust me, those shreds of meat are lethal when your teeth are wired shut!.**
  • Dessert: (YAY!) Ice cream and a chocolate bar of your choosing = heaven!

By week three, my surgeon had given me the go ahead to be without elastics for three hours a day (an hour per meal) and liberating doesn’t quite cut it! Chewing was slightly restricted but I was pretty much able to return to a normal diet. Steaks were a no go obviously, but everything else was pretty much edible.

My elastic wearing hours decreased as time went on and my eating returned to normal. The liquid diet lasted a whole 2 and a half weeks which wasn’t too long thankfully!

I recovered significantly quicker than I could have ever imagined and I really believe my determination to get back my independence as soon as possible played a massive part in this.


Ash xxx

Feel free to comment below with any queries or constructive feedback you may have!

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